forwarding mail to wherever you end up....

why mail forwarding?

If you are a UK expat or travelling around the world we can help.
Protecting your identity and providing a confidential service.

Forwarding Mail provides you with a UK Mailing address and your mail from the UK is forwarded to you anywhere in the world.

It costs £84.99 a year plus VAT plus £20 deposit

Your mail is forwarded to you either by post or electronically via email or via your cloud (One Drive™or Dropbox™ etc.)

Even if you are only living overseas for a short term, a "Forwarding Mail" address ensures that you can still receive your bank mail, cards, life insurance notices, tax letters in the UK.

  • Maintain a UK address for all your personal private mail.

  • If you require a UK address to receive bank cards, insurance policies.

  • Our service includes scanning of your mail

  • You can choose if you want your mail forwarded to you via post.


We have a range of services that you can access.

Mail Scanning

When we received your mail each day, rather than wait a few days for it to be transferred across the globe, we can scan each item straight away and either upload into a secure account or attached to an email.
After 1 month we will shred and recycle your mail. If you require any letters to be forwarded, your deposit is used to cover the mailing costs. This is ideal if the mail is time sensitive, you can deal with them without delay. 

Personal or Family Mail

An individual can benefit from our services but you can also add your family members to the plan, as long as they live at your current location. We will require the usual proof of identity and address for all additional family members added to your account,  

Repackaging deliveries

If you are expecting a number of packages at our address, rather than send them on individually, we will store them for up to 1 month and send onto you in one shipment.
With your permission, we can repackage items (discarding any extra packing material) and reduce the costs of shipment. We do charge a small fee for doing this, but ultimately it does save you money.

Confidential Service

We always strive to maintain our customer’s privacy and only use your information for internal purposes. We never pass on your details to 3rd parties.
Your details are never give out, unless requested by law enforcement or other government agencies with the authority to request the information. We are required to provide courier companies with delivery details such as your name, address and contact numbers.