July 4, 2016

Mail Forwarding Prices


Mail Forwarding Prices are - £84.99 annual account fee plus VAT + £20 postage and handling deposit

The account fee includes

  • Free 30 day storage
  • Free signing for recorded delivery and Packages
  • Completing customs declarations
  • No handling fees for letters
  • No fee for receiving letters or packages

All accounts need a £20 postage deposit, which we use to pay for the postage costs of forwarding your mail.

This is your money we hold on account for the duration of the service. Depending on the amount of mail you receive this deposit may need to topped up during the 12 months. We contact you when it is running low.

If you cancel the service this deposit is returned to you.

Payment methods:

Once you register with us, you will be able to pay online and have access to your online account.

Mail Handling Charges - Mail Size and Weight Guides

We charge when we actually post or scan your mail to you.

The charges are based on the weight and size


Additional Mail Handling Charges

Most items are forwarded and charged at Royal Mail Airmail prices, but certain items do have handling fees.


Samll Letters -less than 5mm thick. ; Handling charge: £FREE

i.e. bank/credit card statements, utility bills, personal correspondence

Large Letters  - from 6-25mm thick.  Handling charge: £FREE

i.e. A4 size – magazines, books, DVDs   


Small parcel  - less than 1Kg - Handling charge: £FREE

Large Parcels and/or over 2kg, these usually involve arranging a courier

Forwarding items by courier or requiring tracking -  Handling charge: £2


Multiple parcels into 1 shipment and arranging couriers -  £5 plus cost of packaging .


FREE up to 30 days

After 30 days - Storage costs £1 per week per parcel/package