July 4, 2016


These are just the usual mail forwarding questions but if you have any further questions please do contact us.

Do you provide a real UK Address?
Yes – the address that we provide is our office in the UK. The address is manned during UK business hours so we are able to accept your letter and packages and also sign for recorded deliveries.

How can I pay for the service?
Once you click on our buy now link, you will be taken to s secure payment on our I-Support Website, complete your details and you can pay online.

Can you email the content of a letter to me?
Yes – we can scan and email your mail.  If the contents are private we would recommend using a personal cloud storage service such as Dropbox or One Drive, rather than sending via email.   By selecting the scanning service you are giving us permission to open your mail.

For your increased security and privacy, once we have scanned your mail, we will delete any files from our computer system and keep the scanned document for 30 days.   After 30 days if we have not been instructed to store or forward the document via post, we will shred the document.

What additional security measures do you use?
In addition to the request for Identification of all customers and payment from the applicants own bank account.

Once you have applied for our services via our online application, we will send you a further application. We will ask you to provide a password which we will request when you contact us to change any service or forwarding information, in addition to the normal security information.

Can you filter out junk mail?
If you give us permission, we can remove any obvious junk mail, and if we open your mail for scanning we can remove the junk mail at no charge. All junk mail is shredded and recycled.

Is my post insured whilst it is in transit?
Mail is insured by the carrier you have elected to use for forwarding, according to their terms and conditions of carriage.

Can you forward my mail by private courier?
Yes. We can dispatch via any major national or international courier service but their costs can be high – we always get a range of quotes and select the most appropriate for your package. We may be required to complete custom declarations, so will need to know what is in your packages.

Can I collect my mail in person?
Yes – if you are back in the UK and wish to collect your mail, please email us and we can arrange a convenient time. We will require ID to confirm your identity when you collect your mail.

Is there anything you can’t forward abroad?
Some countries prohibit certain types of goods via post and can incur custom charges when it arrives.
These include lithium-ion batteries, pressurised containers, explosives, pharmaceutical, illegal drugs and some comestible products.  For a full list, visit the Royal Mail website.

When is my mail processed and dispatched?
Whenever you want it – we can send your mail weekly or monthly. So that we can maximise your deposit we don’t recommend sending mail daily. Your letters are usually sent by Airmail or dependent on the weight and size it may require an international courier.

You can contact us to change this at any time, or just request a one-off if you need something urgently.

Can I track my forwarded mail?
You can have your mail forwarded ‘Signed-for & Tracked’ and the tracking number will be emailed to you on dispatch.

Some countries, however, do not support this service so please check locally, or browse the Royal Mail’s International Tracking Services.

Will you automatically renew my mailbox is due to expire?
We never assume you wish to renew with us, plus we do not hold any of your payment data so can never renew without your consent. We will contact you 1 month before renewal, 1 week, and on the day of expiry.  If you have not renewed 4 weeks after your renewal date, your account is suspended. After 1 further week the account is cancelled and your mail cleared.

What if mail continues to arrive after my account has expired?

Because so many of our customers are travelling and may be out of contact for periods. We continue to accept your mail for a 4 weeks after the expiry date. Any items received after this extra time, however, will be returned to the sender.      …and what do you do with any mail remaining in my mailbox?     30 days after expiry we clear your mailbox and all stored items are returned to sender or disposed of accordingly.

What happens to any money that may be left in my handling fund/deposit?
At the expiry of your account, any remaining balance will be repaid. To a bank or Paypal account of your choosing.

Can I reactivate an expired account?
If an account goes beyond its expiry date, it can be renewed at any time during the 4 weeks, with no penalty.

After 4 weeks, we charge a £10 admin fee to reinstate your account.