July 4, 2016

ID required for Forwarding Mail

Our Due Diligence Process

We carry out due diligence to ensure that we know who our customers are and prevent anyone from contemplating any illegal activity/fraud.  

Customer due diligence means taking steps to identify your customers and checking they are who they say they are.  Please ensure that any scans are from first generation copies and do not include photos of ID. If you do not have a scanner you can post copies to us.

Therefore we need to ask for identification from anyone using the service and proof of an address, where we may contact them or the address to which we are forwarding the mail.  

Under data protection legislation your identification will not be disclosed to anyone except those carrying out legal investigation (i.e. police, trading standards etc.)  

In practice this means obtaining a customer’s:   

• name  

• photograph on an official document which confirms their identity 

• residential address

• date of birth   

2 IDs are required, 1 from list A + 1 from list B.

LIST A: Photo Identification - Proof of identity

• Passport 

• Driving licence (with photo card) 

• National Identity Card

• HM Forces Identity Card

• A current student card  

• Disabled Drivers Blue Badge Pass


List B: Proof of Residential Address

This must be less then 3 months old  and show both name and address that match application details.  

• Household utility bill  

• Landline telephone bill. No mobile bills please  

• Bank Statement  

• Council Tax bill

• P45/P60 statement  

• HM Revenue and Customs Notice of Coding 

• Student hall of residence agreement or proof of accommodation