July 4, 2016

Retired and Living Abroad

Having spent the last forty plus years working hard, many retired people are moving overseas and living abroad. Either to be with family or to enjoy a better climate!!

Although retired and living abroad, you can still benefit from having a fixed UK address for all your correspondence.  To save you postage costs of forwarding your mail we can batch up your mail into one weekly or monthly package.

You can contact us during UK office hours via landline or send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

UK Mailing Address

Although leaving the UK for good or just for a few years can be daunting, you may want to keep a UK mailing address, so that you can receive any important post regarding pensions, benefits, bank cards and letters etc.

You use our address for all your contacts and we can either scan and email them to you the same day, forward the post weekly or monthly, or we can hold onto your mail until you are back in the UK.

If needed we will also provide 30 DAYS FREE STORAGE.


A little bit of home…

Repackaging items for living abroadWhen you are living abroad or travelling you may need some of the things that remind you of home, you can order goods online and have them delivered to our address.

We can then package them up and send them onto you efficiently and cost effectively.  

If you order multiple items we can repackage them into one shipment.

Tracking your deliveries

Once shipment has been dispatched, Forwarding Mail will email you with a tracking number, enabling you to log-onto the couriers website and know when the package will arrive.

There are restrictions on goods being imported into certain countries, so please check before purchasing that the goods are legally allowed into your country. Royal Mail has an up to date comprehensive list .

We can provide you with a UK mailing address. Your post can either be redirected from your last UK address or you can use the address as your UK correspondence address. You can notify banks, utility companies, mortgage companies, tenants etc. whilst you are overseas.

So you are free to live overseas without worrying about the security of your mail.

We can either hold your post until you are back in the UK or we will scan them to you.

We will email them, or if you provide us with access to your shared folder in your online cloud based storage. We can drop the mail straight into it.

Post required to be forwarded by airmail, just contact us or sign up for weekly or monthly forwarding. You can change how you want your mail forwarded at any time.

If you are travelling, just let us know where you are currently located and we can forward your post. In some countries, you may need to get a mailbox in order to receive mail.

How to sign up for a Retired and Living Abroad Mailing Service

Complete our registration form. You will be taken to our secure I-Support website, where you can complete the registration forms and also securely pay for your services.  signing up online and provide the necessary ID and proof of address  .

Once payment has been made an invoice is available via your online account.

Upon checking of the ID you will receive approval to use our address.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the website or on +44 (0) 1323 484542