July 4, 2016

UK Expat Mailing Service

Mail Forwarding Service for UK Expats

We provide you with a Expat Mailing Service Address and once mail is received it is posted or scanned anywhere in the world.

Moving Overseas?

Expat Mailing ServiceSo, the decision has been made to move overseas!  

Whist working through the long list of things that need to be arranged, disconnected or moved, what happens to any mail received at your current address?

Nearly everyone decides to get their mail redirected.  but where and how the mail is redirected may affect the mail you receive and how it is forwarded.

There are a number of mail forwarding options:

• utilise the services of a company that specialises in expat post and mail forwarding;

• forward the post directly to your overseas address;

• choose to have mail forwarded to family or friends, or;

Why Forwarding Mail Expat Mailing Service?

By using a professional expat mail forwarding company such as Forwarding Mail, you have the peace of mind that all your mail will be forwarded when you need it, with complete privacy.

Our Expats Mailing Service enables you to receive any kind of personal mail and packages. Plus the comfort that your mail is held safe and secure. Mail can be forwarded by scanned and emailed or you can access them from your secure online account . If you require mail/packages to be physically posted, this is paid out of your mailing deposit, and we can ensure that your mail is tracked and signed for.

We are competitively priced, have a look at our prices and charges

Your Other Options include:

Royal Mail redirection service

Mail from a UK address is redirected via Royal Mail straight to an overseas address.

The Limitations of the Royal Mail redirection service.

The mail is only sent via International Standard (like UK First Class), the forwarded mail cannot be tracked or signed for.

This is important when receiving bank cards and confidential letters from banks, HMRC, Pensions providers. Any mail that has been sent to the old address by Special Delivery™, Recorded Signed For ™ and Royal Mail Tracked™ is returned to sender.

Using Friends or Family addresses.  

There will no doubt be willing family or friends that offer to forward your mail. All mail is redirected to their address, plus, you may also have to use their address if purchasing products online for UK delivery or do not deliver overseas. This opens their address up to junk mail, once the address is inputted online.

You cannot always rely on companies to keep customer contact information private. They may also have to spend the time opening and sorting your private mail and sending it via airmail, couriers, scanning etc.

Already an Expat?

Our expat mailing service - will provide you with a reliable, safe and secure mailing address and forwarding service.

You can sign up quickly online and once you have been approved to use our service, start to use the address.

You will need to contact your banks etc. to change your address, but this will be your address for any correspondence.

Our Expat international mail forwarding service has many aspects that can save you time and make life a little less complicated.

The other benefit of expats maintaining a UK address is the convenience of having an address to use if you choose to shop online.  Especially if the online retailer does not ship overseas. If you order a number of items, we can consolidate your packages into one shipment, saving you courier costs.

Sign up for the Expat Mailing Service    

Complete our registration form by signing up online and provide the necessary ID and current proof of address  .    

For security, we use our secure "I-Support" website for online registrations and payments. 

Once payment is confirmed you will receive approval to use our address for your mail in the UK.

This service is for individuals only. We cannot receive post for companies, business or sole traders - we would recommend I-Support Business


If you have any questions about the Expat Mailing Service please get in touch via our contact form or call us on +44 (0)1323 484542

Protection from identity theft.    

The threat of identity theft is increasing. It is never been more important to ensure that private and confidential information does not get into the wrong hands. All mail received is treated in the strictest confidence, is kept locked away and information is never divulged to third parties.

We would only provide your details if part of a criminal investigation.